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The Day Ahead: February 12

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The Asian part of today’s session was not a quite interesting one. A presence of lower volatility has been definitely ensured by the holiday in Japan due to the yesterday’s celebration of the National Foundation Day. The investors on the local stocks exchanges remain under pressure from the recent sentiment reshuffle, what is relatively good indicated by the low value of the Asian-Pacific MSCI Index. Nevertheless, the moods in Hong Kong and Shanghai are still pretty good. The main factors for pushing the stocks of IT companies and producers of consumer goods higher are strictly connected with rebound in the New York Stock Exchange.

Monday’s economic calendar remains boring too. The first dose of higher volatility should be definitely ensured by the first minutes of trading at Wall Street, where American investors are staying under pressure from a solid increase of “fear index” made by CBOE. In our opinion, the central bankers’ talks would not affect the sentiment in the FX Market. After publication of today’s cautious view of Andy Haldane, Chief Economist of the Bank of England, it is widely expected that Ian McCafferty will stubbornly defend his hawkish view.

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